SEALNet is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that strives to promote the spirit of service leadership in Southeast Asia and to contribute to the development of future Southeast Asian leaders. Since 2005, we had 42 projects in 8 out of 10 Southeast Asian countries, with official chapters operating at MIT, Stanford, and Singapore. As of 2013, we look 4 more projects to look forward to.

After participating in SEALNet’s summer service leadership projects, Kai Qiu ’10, Tuan Huynh ’10, and Wesley Koo ’09 founded the SEALNet@MIT chapter in 2008. Wesley had joined Project Cambodia 2006 as a team member, while Kai and Tuan took part in Project Vietnam 2007. They returned to lead Project Malaysia 2008–the very first project planned by the MIT chapter.

Since then, the SEALNet@MIT chapter has successfully implemented 8 projects (10 by the end of Summer 2013): PM08, PM09, PC09, PV10-Saigon, PP10-Cebu, PI11, PC12, PP12-Leyte, PC13, PP13-Leyte. This chapter has also allowed more MIT students to actively participate in these projects as team members, core team members, and project leaders. Apart from this, we host an annual Southeast Asian Cultural Night, where we strive to bring together all Southeast Asian cultural groups at MIT and to share the diversity of the region with the MIT community through authentic Southeast Asian cuisines and performances. You may also see us hosting various fundraising events throughout the year to promote our organization and to raise funds for the summer projects.

We have weekly meetings on Friday 5:30pm at 1-135. To inquire more information, please contact sealnet-exec[at]mit.edu.

If interested in learning more about SEALNet as a non-profit organization, please click here: www.sealnetonline.org

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