Project Philippines-Leyte 2013

This year, we are proud to have Carmela Lao MIT’15 (Course 18c) and Hikaru Miyazaki MIT’15 (Course 20) leading Project Philippines-Leyte’13 (PP-Leyte’13).

PP-Leyte’13 is scheduled to start on Aug 8th (Thursday) and end on Aug 22nd (Thursday).



Project Philippines 2013 aims to build on the foundation of Project Philippines 2012 – Leyte by helping the Filipino youth develop an appreciation of the scientific traits of inquiry, problem solving, and most importantly a ‘can do’ attitude. Due to societal stereotypes, limited resources, and the underdeveloped opportunities, the talents of young Filipino scientists and engineers are constrained within academia and the lab. We aim to draw these skills out and furnish them with an entrepreneurial, leadership, and service-oriented spirit. We hope that equipped with these assets, the youth will be ready to tackle the problems of the Philippines and create effective solutions, and as a result, establish economic, political, and social stability in the country.

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