Project Cambodia 2013

This year, we are proud to have Supanat (Phil) Kamtue MIT’15 (Course 18) and Ranjini Menon leading Project Cambodia 2013 (PC’13).

PC’13 is scheduled to take place in Aug 11 (Sun) to Aug 25 (Sun).



Project Cambodia 2013 (PC 2013) is focused on inspiring and empowering the youths with disabilities through education and vocational training. First, the education component of the project will focus on English teaching. As English is one of the most widely spoken languages and major medium of education and communication, teaching English to the youths with disabilities can help build their confidence as well as increase their access to opportunities. Second, we aim to respond to their needs for skill building through a variety of programs ranging from vocational training to career fair with local companies’ participation.

As sustainability is crucial to the project’s success, we will be garnering support from local high school students. The project will also impart important leadership skills to the local high school students. This extensive training will equip them with the necessary skills to carry this project into the future. Finally, we are seeking to continue our partnership with the local partners from our past project and the local SEALNet chapter that has been established to ensure the sustainability of our efforts.

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